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Our first book is out… and we’re in lockdown. On the other hand, it’s a great chance to read and get some writing done, so it all balances out. 

The next book in the Five Stages of Magic is coming out at the end of May! A Pound of Fate will be released electronically on May 28th, with the paperback to follow on June 28th.

Sīd is struggling to adapt to life without her mentor, the emotionally unavailable sorcerer Conroy Forbes. Their new department head, Thomas Langtree is forever sequestered at the seaside – where he remains the only force keeping an ancient sea God at bay – and the demon drink is getting to be a more serious problem than Ash, the demon who lives in her head.

When she and the department’s tame police officer, DS Max Erstwhile, investigate a case for a rare paying customer they find that someone is stealing souls. 

What does it have to do with a beautiful nineteen year old woman, or the Neo-Nazis protesting the event she works at? Why are there rotting creatures loose in South London? Can Sīd and Max resolve everything peacefully, or will they find that even when you’re delving into other people’s secrets, it’s difficult to get away unscathed.

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