It’s been an interesting year since I started working on this version of the Dark Sheep website. We published the Spooky Isles Book of Horror, and I got to work with Barry McCann and David Saunderson on Shadows of Pendle, a collection of fantastic horror fiction and poetry.

Most excitingly, as you can see, we’ve got full covers for the first book in the Five Stages of Magic series — Bar the Gates, which should be out in Sprint 2020!

You’ll be meeting Suchin ‘Sīd’ Courting, once a magical girl rescued from ballet school orphanhood to learn magic with a cold and undemonstrative stranger. Now she’s thirty-seven, divorced, and it turned out that beneath Conroy’s chilly exterior, there was a far chillier interior.

Soon, children disappear, and her freshly-dead mentor’s curiously unmentioned friend has disappeared. Strange magic has penetrated the heart of London’s macabre version of fairyland, and Sīd really, really wants a drink.

Can she gain the trust of her partner, the legendary sorcerer, Aaron Simms? Will the dogged ghosts of her past catch up to her?

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