Shadows of Pendle

England’s Pendle Hill, Lancashire,  casts a long shadow – thanks mainly to the infamous Pendle Witches. Players in a true story of tragedy, victimisation and political ambition, they have also become icons of legend and dark myth.

Shadows of Pendle is a collection of newly commissioned stories and verse inspired by the legends of the Pendle Witches. Woven by writers from all over the world, in the shadow of the hill itself, the stories are spellbinding tales of the darkly psychological, paranormal, fantasy and horror – all, bewitched and bewitching!

Alongside these, we present interludes of poetry based upon the dramas and tragedy borne out of this cruel and fearful era, reminding us of the spirit and soul behind the tales: a short collection facts and fancies to thrill, inform and unsettle.

So dear reader. Will you come with us to Pendle Hilll?