Mission Statement

Dark Sheep Books pledge that Indie writing doesn’t have to mean poor quality. Where there is an interest for strange, interesting, engaging writing – both in fiction and nonfiction – the Dark Sheep shall scratch out weird stories and factual oddities to enliven the imagination.

About Jon

Jon Kaneko-James is the owner and main writer of Dark Sheep. Jon has been writing since he was sixteen, where he followed up a short novel crossing his D&D campaign with the 1990s X-Men cartoon with a submission to Dragon Magazine that got him one of the nicest rejections of the rest of his writing career. Jon has written for magazines including The Skeptic, MyHistory Digest and Tarosophist International. He also has book length works in print from Mogzilla, Other Side Books and Beul Aithris

Jon is also a working historian, having published and given papers on topics relating to the Early Modern understanding of the supernatural.